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Healthy noodle made by good people! Start making noodle dishes with O’taste. From nutritious rice noodle to light and chewy, non-fried dried noodle to instant Japchae to help weight loss, O’ taste noodle represents healthy noodle made for you.

What is Home cafe food? O’taste Home cafe food is a café food you can simply enjoy at home even in hectic days. It provides both the restaurant-level taste and daily convenience. O’taste Home Café Food combined the know-how from professional chef and love from mother.

Rice noodle

Pho Rice noodle
Pho Rice noodle Mild

Now enjoy exotic and unique food at home.

O’taste Pho Rice noodle uses Vietnamese rice to recreate
the unique elastic texture of Vietnamese noodles. The unique extraction technique
of O’taste creates unique flavor of the Vietnamese soup and spreads the South East Asian
spices in your mouth. Experience Vietnam from through your nose and mouth!

※ Kind of Pho Rice noodle (Click on the big screen on the left is shown)

Pho Rice noodle (Mild)Pho Rice noodle (Mild) Pho Rice noodle (Hot)Pho Rice noodle (Hot)