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O’taste seasoning keeps the natural flavor of ingredients and adds the savory taste to the food by using state-of-art technologies including high temperature cooker and vacuum drier (ZVD), enriching our food experience.

Experience delicious fun here! O’taste sauce Why eat out? Now enjoy restaurant meals at home!  O’taste sauce turns your dish into a piece of art. Based on selected ingredients, O’taste sauce enhances the joy of cooking at home! Keep them in room temperature and use anywhere and anytime.
Dakgalbi Sauce
Dakgalbi Sauce
Added with garlic, onion, and other spices, spicy dakgalbi sauce!

You can use it to add ‘spicy’ flavor to various sautéed dishes such as dakgalbi, Topokki,
and tteok jjim

Topokki Sauce
Topokki Sauce
Super spicy Topokki sauce based on sun-dried chili pepper powder!

Free of MSG, it has clean and simple taste. The sun-dried chili pepper, Cheonil pear,
and apple puree will boost your appetite.

Nongshim Miga oyster sauce
Nongshim Miga oyster sauce
Use oyster sauce to add the savory taste to various dishes.

The high content of oyster juice gives the flavor of deep sea, and spicy taste was added
to the seafood flavor for clean aftertaste. No artificial color, flavor, synthetic preservatives,
and L- sodium glutamate was added so that your children can enjoy it safely.

chicen Ribs
Lotte Mart-Rang Meat Sauce (4 types)
Secret to more delicious meat! It’s in Lotte Mart Rang Meat Sauce.

Added with chili pepper, ginger, garlic, onion, and other various ingredients,
this sauce gives rich taste that is well harmonized with meat juice.

※ Kind of sauce (Click on the image, you can see the left side on the screen larger)
Chiken Ribs Grilled Beef Ribs bulgogi pork bulgogi