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Voice of Customers

If you have any questions about Taekyung Nongsan, please feel free to contact us. We will reach you as soon as possible.

Through Voice of Customers, you can ask questions about the products of Taekyung Nongsan
and service improvement, and make complaints and suggestions. By always listening to your voice,
Taekyung Nongsan will make better products and provide better services.

Privacy Policy

Please carefully read the below terms and conditions and agree to them.

Personal information collected

Personal information collected

Our company collects the following personal information for membership, counseling, service application, etc.

1. The information collected: name, birthday, sex, login ID, home telephone number, residential address, mobile phone number, e-mail, vocation
2. The method of collecting personal information: website (subscription, e-mail inquiry), application for gift events, and the following information provided by partner companies, or created in the processes of service use and business
3. Browser type and OS of a user, search words, and service use record

Collection and use purpose of personal information

Collection and use purpose of personal information

Our company collects personal information in the following ways:

1. website, written form, fax, telephone, Q&A message board, e-mail, event application, delivery request
2. by partner companies
3. by information collection tool

Use and retention of personal information

Use and retention of personal information

Our company use the personal information collected for the following purposes:

1. Execution of service offering agreement and offering of contents based on the agreement
2. Management of members – identification by membership service, personal identification, prevention of illegal use and non-permitted use by improper members, verification of subscription, verification of age, confirmation as to agreement as a legal proxy in the case of collection of personal information about children under 14 years of age, handling of customer complaints, delivery of notices
3. Marketing and advertising – development and specialization of new services (products), delivery of advertisements for events, offering of services and posting of advertisements based on demographic characteristics, statistics of access frequency and members’ service use