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About Each Area

We will introduce the traditional korean flavor as the global brand


  • We produce high-quality soups and sauces as flavor enhancers that come in various packagings.
  • After processing using high-temperature, quick liquid sterilization and advanced, hygiene screening facilities, products including instant soup, broth/sauce, flakes, flavoring oil, and sauces are packed using various forms of packaging.

Production Line Process

Broth - Material→Mixing→Pasteurization→Measurement→Packaging→Metal detector /Flakes - Material→Selection→Measurement→Packaging→Metal detector


Udon Thin Soup, Paste for Mixed Noodles Stock for Restaurant Use Paste (PET), Soup with Oil Added, Other Sauces & Dressing, Vegetable Flake Soup, Soup with Specially Added Ingredients, etc.

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