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About the R&D Center

We use world-class technology in keeping with the strict standards for ingredient selection, flavor, and taste.

taekyung nongsan - To achieve the goal of producing the world-class food materials, Taekyung Nongsan makes its best effort to research basic food materials and develop a new flavor. We develop the future flavor and complete the world’s taste.

1. We are finding the source of flavor from the global perspective.
We focus on making research and development to revive the original Korean flavor and on developing new food materials satisfying the taste of global people. From the global perspective, we put a great deal of efforts and support in R&D to spread the Korean flavor in the globe and create the flavor that the global people can enjoy.
2. We are opening a new possibility of food products.
Every one pursues a new taste ceaselessly. In line with the pursuit, Taekyung Nongsan also does the best to develop a new taste. To develop better food products than existing ones in terms of taste, flavor and preservation period, numerous researchers immerse themselves in research night and day. Specializing in food materials, Taekyung Nongsan realize that it has a responsibility to develop a new product satisfying not only Korean people’s taste, but also global people’s.
3. With the best system, we are bringing out the best results.
Our research institute that researches basic food materials and develops seasonings and functional products is the starting point of all businesses that Taekyung Nongsan pursue in finding the source of flavor and making products. With a variety of cutting-edge processing facilities, analyzers, and analysis technology, Taekyung Nongsan tries to secure food safety and create the future taste.
4. Equipped with facilities for the analysis of research results and pilot facilities
GC/MS/MS, GC/MS, GC/FID, LC/MS/MS, HPLC, ICP, AAA, ELISA, TL, PSL, NIRS, Image analyzer, Powder tester, Fermentor, Pulverizer, High-pressure reactor, Homogenizer, Evaporator, A/D, V/D, S/D, F/D, Freeze concentrator, M/F, U/F, N/F, R/O