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Welcome to the website of Taekyung Nongsan, the honest food life partner.

  • We create the world’s best food material culture on the basis of the source of Korean flavor.
  • We sincerely appreciate your support and interest in Taekyung Nongsan.
  • As a member of Nongshim group, Taekyung Nongsan is equipped with the cutting-edge production facilities and quality system. With core technology and further development, we at Taekyung Nongsan make the best effort to sincerely provide natural taste, health, and pleasure for our customers using our products.
  • By newly setting up 2020 vision and goal, Taekyung Nongsan continue to take on challenges and make changes for constant growth and establishment of independent management system. We, Taekyung Nongsan, are not simply satisfied with the current state, but put all possible efforts in planning and practicing all things, though small, in order to achieve the better future and grow further together with customers. A small, but eventually large change! That is Taekyung Nongsan will make in the future.
  • We hope that all of you also join our activity for changes and make a blueprint of the future. In the process, we are sure that your future will be brighter.
  • Until each one of our customers feel happy and make a smile, we, Taekyung Nongsan, will keep doing the best and will perform right-path management. Thank you for your visit to our website. We wish your constant support. Thank you.

CEO of Taekyung Nongsan Byeong-don Yoo